i took out my nuva ring and still havent started my period

Best Answer: i took out my nuva ring and still havent started my period You should have put it in on the first day of your period. Thats what the directions say. And when you do that, its effective the first day. But since .


I am on the nuva ring. For those who dont know. Nuva ring is a birth control. I had unprotective sex today during my 7 day break from the nuva ring.

Nuva Ring Questions including "How many days after you take out the Nuva Ring should you get your period" and "If you haven't gotten a period 7 weeks after an abortion Can you .

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Since coming off the pill I have not yet had a period, or at least I don`t think I have (if that makes any sense). I did have 2 days of light discharge (more of a dark brownish .

Periods Question: I'm Not Pregnant, But Why Haven't I Gotten My Period? I havent got my period yet its been about 4 weeks and ive taken 2 pregnancy tests and i even went to go .

Hello Everyone, I am a 24 year old female that has been suffering from Vestibulodynia for 5 years. First I am just going to cut and paste some emails that I have sent to other .

When did you first start

i took out my nuva ring and still havent started my period

having your period after giving birth? are you breast feeding? and has your period been regular or irregular? explain. ..


I am considering switching from the pill to Nuva Ring, however much of the research I have been doing on nuva ring has turned up mixed reactions. While I understand that this .


Amanda (age 16) writes,

Question How long does it take for the Nuva Ring to get out of your system for you to become pregnant?

Nuva Ring Side Effects . I
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